Frequently Asked Questions

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Hopper is a SIM card provisioned exclusively for data services. Once installed and a search engine is opened, the user will get diverted to a simple dashboard to purchase their required data bundle. The bundle will get loaded on to the SIM card and the client will be able to access the internet immediately.

Simply put, it's a pain to recharge a normal prepaid data connection or top up data contract, because invariably you need to physically go to a store to recharge. If you have run out of data you can't access the internet to be able to recharge via online banking! With Hopper, when your data has run out, you can still get to our online dashboard and simply recharge on the hop – anytime, anywhere.

Any device that supports mobile data, takes a SIM card and is not network locked can support the Hopper service. Remember, if you are using your own device you must set the internet APN to cellucity.co.za. The SIM card is only provisioned for data services so you will not be able to make or receive calls.

Hopper bundles are charged at contract rates without having to sign a contract. Once the data is used up you will be directed to our dashboard to purchase more data – again at contract rates (from 5c per MB). This makes it the cheapest pay as you use mobile data solution available.

You can keep an eye on your usage by going to the hopper dashboard (Grass.hopper.co.za/default.aspx). Once your data has been used, you will be automatically re-directed to the Hopper dashboard to purchase another bundle. This means you will always be charged in bundle contract rates (from 5c per MB). Remember you are not tied into any contract.

Hopper can be used throughout South Africa, wherever you can get reception. It is not possible to use the SIM card when travelling internationally.

Hopper has a maximum connection speed of 100mbps. There are a few things that will determine your speeds though. Firstly the support speed of the device you are using plays a role – is it GPRS, 3G or LTE enabled? Secondly, the speed supported by the base station you are connected to. The majority of base stations are 3G+ capable and networks are in the process of upgrading all base stations to LTE. The amount of people using the network or sharing your connection may also affect your connection speeds. If you are using a WiFi Router, the more people connected and using, the slower your speeds will be.

The hopper payment page is a secure (https) site and the payments are securely posted through iVeri Payment Technologies. This means transactions are secure and we have no access to your credit card details nor are they stored.

Hopper supports all major credit cards including VISA, Mastercard, Diners and Amex. Debit cards and EFT are currently not supported.

Unused bundle balances automatically expire after 60 days.

Yes, if no usage has been registered on your Hopper SIM for a period of three months or longer, they will be de-activated. If you are travelling and want us to extend this for a reasonable time, please let us know in writing we will and we will extend the expiry. We reserve the right to decline an unreasonable request.
If the device is remains active, the SIM will remain active.

If for some reason you have not been directed to the re-charge landing page you can go to this URL: grass.hopper.co.za/default.aspx. It is perhaps a good idea to save this as a shortcut or under favorites in your web browser. Please note, you can only access this page from a Hopper SIM card.

Hopper SIM Cards are allocated a Static IP. Static IP's are used for security purposes in many Corporate and Trading Companies, where only approved IP's will be allowed access to their networks. In these cases, without a static IP you may not be able to access corporate e-mail accounts and trading platforms. For the general user, having a static IP will in no way affect your usage capabilities.

No, Hopper is a closed system and only data bundles purchased on the Hopper dashboard will work with the Hopper SIM card


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