Hopper SIM

Our Hopper SIM is your option if you already have a mobile device. It has been designed for use with modems, routers, PDA’s and tablets. 

Size matters

If you want to use a Hopper SIM card directly in your device, there are two very important things to check before you buy a Hopper SIM for your own device:

  1. Which SIM card does it take? There are three types of SIM cards devices support - the Mini-SIM, Micro-SIM and Nano-SIM formats.
  2. Is your device network locked? If your device is network locked you will need to contact the provider for the unlocking code. The Hopper SIM will not work on a device that is networked locked.

Change your APN

You will also need to change the Internet APN on your device to cellucity.co.za. This is a fairly simple process but each device operates differently so click on the link for steps for various devices:

iOS Android BlackBerry Windows 7 Modems 

*** Please note, Hopper is a data only service, so if you decide to use the SIM card in a cellphone, you will not be able to access voice services.